Frequently Asked Questions

Students News is founded and designed by Anay Patel, a 10 year old boy, studying in Ahmedabad International School, Ahmedabad. His flair for reading and curiosity to learn new things leads him to explore new ideas.

The main objective of Students News is to provide clean and brief news to younger citizens and make them aware of all the on-goings of the world, just a clique away.

Quizzes by Students News are not only interesting but also benefiting. Students will get motivated to read the news on daily basis. By attempting more and more quiz, they keep earning points and the reader with maximum points with be motivated by different awards.

There will be weekly quizzes, however the mega quiz will take place once in a year.

The questions will be based on current affairs and most of the things from the news provided by Students News. The idea behind conducting the quiz is to inculcate regular reading habits and in turn keeping you updated about the happenings in the world.

With Students News, be a writer and a journalist. Comment or contribute any news. You can also share your own achievements and if these get selected by our team, then your news will be published on Students News along with your name..!!

Unlike other news apps which provides news in detail, Students News gives a summary of news in brief and easy language suitable for young age group.

News source: Press Trust of India, Asian News International, BRG News, Google News and New Delhi Television Limited.

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