Breathing exercises to improve immunity

Breathing exercises or “PRANAYAM’, the word is derived from ‘Prana‘ which stands for ‘life force’ and ‘Ayama‘ which means ‘to lengthen or to work on it’. Prana, in yogic terms, means the force within the body that is vital for the functioning of the body as well as its vitalityBreath is our vital source of energy. Did you know that we can throw out 80 per cent of the toxins from our body by breathing correctly? The key to healthy and happy living lies in right breathing.

Benefits of  Pranayama to Boost Immunity

  • Pranayama enhances and stimulates the immune system.
  • Improves function and strengthens cells, tissue, glands and organs.
  • Pranayama releases stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Removes heart blockages.
  • Cures heart problems.
  • Boosts overall health and cures many health issues.
  • Pranayama increases blood circulation.
  • Cure asthma, headache, Migraine, neurological problems, depression, gastric problems.
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